The Killer Snails team is:

Mandë Holford, PhD Dr. Holford is an Assistant Professor in Chemistry at Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center, with a scientific appointment at the American Museum of Natural History. Her dual appointment reflects her interdisciplinary research, which combines chemistry and biology to discover, characterize, and deliver novel neuropeptides from venomous marine snails (cones snails, terebrids, and turrids) as tools for manipulating cell signaling in the nervous system. She can frequently be spotted on planes as she travels the world expounding on the wonders of venomous marine snails.

Lindsay Portnoy, PhD  Dr. Portnoy is an educational and developmental psychologist with over a decade of experience in the study of development, learning, and assessment of teaching and learning from birth through adolescence. Her experiences include instruction within elementary, undergraduate, and graduate classrooms guiding teachers and researchers to think critically and creatively about the learning process. Dr. Portnoy’s research focuses on the analysis of developing cognition in classroom learning, specifically approaches to questioning as they vary by domain. A lover of children, pets, and an ardent voice for issues of social justice and equity in education, ecology, and (something else that was brought to you by the letter ‘e’), she is energized and excited to work on this game.

Jessica Ochoa Hendrix has worked in public education for 7+ years, most recently as an educational consultant focused on leadership development. She received her MBA with a concentration in Social Enterprise from Columbia Business School. During her time at Columbia, Jessica was the recipient of the prestigious Board of Overseers Fellowship, and was awarded the Nathan Gantcher Prize for Social Enterprise. Prior to business school, Jessica worked in marketing for the Harvard Business Review and The Economist. She holds a BA from the University of Texas at Austin.  She has a love of science (official member of the Secret Science Club for 3+ years!), project management (color-coded show flows are the best!) and leadership development (4 years of managing and designing school leader fellowship programs!). Combining these three passions with the two women above has resulted in a dream role.


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