American Museum of Natural History SciCafe May 6 at 7PM

We have had a busy few months since beginning the development of our Killer Snails game and we wanted to tell you about an exciting opportunity to hear from the Killer Snails team directly!

One of our co-founders, Dr. Mandë Holford, will be speaking tomorrow at 7 PM at the American Museum of Natural History.She will discuss her research into relatively unknown predatory marine snails, such as cone snails, the toxins they produce in their venom, and how those toxins are used for discovering new therapeutics (or drugs) for pain and cancer.

Additionally, tomorrow afternoon, Dr. Holford will be meeting with a group of about 50 high school students to play-test our game as we reach the final stages of producing our first game! We are extremely excited that our game will be published in the next month!

We will post some images of these teens in action tomorrow and tweet some commentary from the event. Please follow us on twitter @KillerSnails1 for live updates!


Hello world! Meet the Killer Snails

Cone snails are silent assassins of the sea, using venom delivered through a needle-like tooth to attack prey. Their nerve toxins are so powerful they can rapidly paralyze a large fish—or kill an unwary person. Yet in a surprising twist of nature, deadly venom toxins can become life saving drugs!

Team Killer Snails is developing a game that draws on the inherent fascination of venomous marine cone snails to show what it is like to be a scientist working at the cutting edge of biomedical research.

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